Finlister - February 2021: Week 1

Edition #030 - Strength of the $BLOK(chain) continues

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Strength to start February

After a worrying prior week for Tech and the market to end January, it was quick to bounce back to start February 2021 on a strong note.

The S&P 500 saw a strong 4.47% rise, slightly outpacing the Tech ETF sector which rose 4.1%

Top of the $BLOK

Coming in with a 1st place ranking last week, after holding down the 2nd spot the week prior (with a negative return of 1%), saw $BLOK bounce back strongly with a return of 12% through this week.

The top 3 performing stocks that $BLOK holds are amazingly all nearly up 100% YTD aldready.

As Bitcoin continues to build a base in the mid $30k range and approaching it’s all time high of $41,900 I’m definitely keeping my eye on $BLOK. While this is a newer ETF with a great trailing one year performance capturing the cryptocurrency wave, it still may have some legs through the rest of 2021.

I’m watching closely to see if any major companies start adopting $BTC as part of their “cash” reserves, any moves here should be reasonably positive for $BLOK.

$XITK Joins the Club(house)

After quickly raising money at a $100m valuation early last year, the hottest new audio-only social network Clubhouse reportedly raised their Series-B with a $100m round and a $1billion valuation.

One of Clubhouses biggest vendors is reported to be the recently IPO’d $API (Agora) which helps companies integrate audio and communications into technology products.

“Agora powers an average of over 40,000,000,000 minutes of human connection per month”

$API is up around 150% YTD, and doesn’t even break into $XITK’s top 9 returning stocks over the last year (granted it did IPO in June so it is somewhat of a disadvantage).

$API isn’t expected to report earnings until next week. I’ll be watching that closely to try and see how much of their growth has been due to Clubhouse and other high ACV accounts.

Voice and communications “incumbent” $TWLO (Twilio) is currently trading at All-Time-Highs and is due to report on the 17th of February, and up until last week had been significantly outperforming $API since $API’s IPO in June.

Researching more of these two ETFs have definitely put them both on my watchlist. I’m surprised to see $XITK quickly including recently IPO’d companies in their holdings, and it seems to be paying off.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency space is one which I’m not an expert in, so an ETF like $BLOK might make a lot of sense for some.

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Disclosure: I’m long $TWLO