Finlister - February 2021: Week 2

Edition #031 - $BLOK(on)

Welcome to the 114 new readers who joined Finlister over the last week. I thought last week was a big week, but you all delivered!

It’s amazing to think that nearly 600 of you receive this email each and every week.

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After a blockbuster prior week, the S&P500 saw a modest gain of 1.27% through this week.

Meanwhile, Tech ETFs saw a stronger gain of 2.95%

For two weeks in a row (after losing out to $GAMR during the $GME squeeze in the last week of January), the top of this group was $BLOK (Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF), posting a gain of 11% through the week.

Given this late strength $BLOK has moved into the #1 spot of Tech ETFs over the last 365 days with a return of 171%

Out of 52 holdings, 6 of them are already up over 100% YTD, with exceptional strength in the top 3 spots.

I first called out $BLOK in this email series on January 11th, since then it has returned 40.45% compared to $SPY at 3.68%

The rumor mill is swirling with ideas of which company might next add Bitcoin to their balance sheets, while I don’t think it will be $AAPL, that name is starting to get thrown out a lot which could bode well for $BLOK.

Meanwhile, the top Tech ETF from 2020, $ARKW (ARK Next Generation Internet ETF) is the only other fund to also hold $GBTC and is up 20.97% over that same period.

Overall, the 8 overlapping stocks between these two ETFs include:

I’ll call this the “Bitcoin Double Portfolio” ($$BDP) and will continue to track this over the next year.

That’s it for this week,

Hopefully I haven’t got you bored of Bitcoin, and besides the $$BDP I’ll make sure next weeks edition has some other tech involved.