Finlister - We are moving

You'll be seeing a second email close to this one

Thanks very much to everyone who has been a part of this ETF movement lately.

I’m currently switching email providers so you will no longer be receiving emails from this address, moving forward.

Instead, you’ll receive an email from

The title for the next recap email if you need to search for it in your inbox is:

Finlister - February 2021: Week 3 ETF Recap

Hopefully, you received it a couple of minutes ago.

Somewhat unbelievably, most of you that have signed up, have been opening these emails frequently!!

If you are one of the few that haven’t I’ve tried to not add you to the new email service, if I’ve added you and you no longer wish to receive emails, simply hit the unsubscribe button in this email or the new one, or send me a reply and I’ll remove you from the list.

See you on the other side,