January 2021: Week 1

Edition #027 - Data recap of last week's big moves inside the Tech ETF landscape. See what to keep an eye on for the week ahead.

What a start to the year…in many ways.

On the ETF side of things I’ll start by pulling out two ETFs from last weeks issue which I called out for their exposure to bitcoin which as of today, broke through the $40k USD mark, quickly followed by a 21% draw down to $33k, putting it at a 17% YTD return so far.

The two ETFs from last week were $ARKW and $BLOK

In the first full week of 2021 trading, $BLOK returned 17% and $ARKW a strong 9%.

$BLOK had 2/51 holdings dominate the start of the year with 140%+ returns

$MARA became a $1.4b company after releasing capital raise news and a continued push into cryptocurrency mining.

I’ll have my eyes closely on $BLOK this month, seeing how long this run can continue.

2020 Strength

The top 15 ETFs from last year had an above average week compared to the rest of the Tech ETFs, with an average return of 7.53%.

Compare this to all 97 Tech ETFs which saw an average return of 5.13%.

Still an extremely strong general performance given that the last 3 weeks of returns were all less than 1% a week on average for this group.

$SPY meanwhile returned 1.97% through the week.

Weekly Top 5

Amazingly, the top 5 Tech ETFs last week all gained north of 10%, led by a passive ARK ETF, $PRNT from the 3D Printing space.

Given the popularity and performance of ARK funds last year, it’s going to be hard to neglect them this year.

Stay tuned, and see you next week.